About the filmmaker

Jonas Nilsson is an author and a documentary filmmaker.

He holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the Swedish Defence University and left his master's degree studies from the same university to found Palaeastra media in 2018.

Jonas is best known for producing the documentary:" South Africa a reversed apartheid?" (2018), which highlights the precarious situation of the white minority in South Africa. The film had a significant impact due to the lack of media coverage, but it is available here on the website. He has since followed up developments in the country in reports, interviews, and documentaries under the name "Boer Project". Furthermore, he also organized and moderated the filmed high-profile debate between Alexander Bard and Gustav Kasselstrand in 2019.

As a writer, Jonas has also written, among other things, "When migration becomes conflict – political group dynamics" (2019) which focuses on the conflicts that arise in a multicultural society from a demographic perspective.